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A Personalized Treatment Plan

At Potomac Oncology & Hematology (POH), we believe there is an individualized way to treat cancer for each and every patient. Every cancer, like every patient, is different in the era of precision medicine. Our doctor, Dr. James Xu, is committed to bringing the latest diagnostic tools and treatment options to our patients. At the same time, we are here to support our patients to minimize the treatment side effects and keep you strong during treatment.

As a fervent advocate for personalized medicine, Dr. Xu will take the time to understand each patient’s unique diagnosis and needs to formulate a treatment plan tailored specially for each patient of ours. Our goal is to work together to develop a personalized treatment plan so that each and every patient will benefit the most. It’s the promise of precision cancer treatment—a focus on the individual tumor in the individual patient.

We, at Potomac Oncology & Hematology, want you to have the most positive experience by choosing our doctor, Dr. James Xu, as your personal doctor!